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OK Lawmaker receives “Vile and Vulgar” voicemail

Here's some crazy news for you. An Oklahoma lawmaker received a vile and vulgar voicemail at the capitol... and it wasn't left by a mistress, lobbyist or fellow Oklahoma lawmaker! Hard to believe, isn't it?

Here are the details via KFOR:

Vile and vulgar - that is what one Oklahoma lawmaker is calling a voicemail that was left on his capitol office phone.

Representative Kevin Calvey said his assistant heard the message and alerted investigators. The voicemail makes references to Calvey's wife and 9-year-old daughter.

“We had a voicemail left at my office at the state capitol that made some very vulgar and ugly threats against my wife and 9-year-old daughter by name,” Calvey said.

Vile and vulgar? I wonder if they threatened something sinister like sending Calvey's daughter to Oklahoma public schools... or leaving her alone with an Oklahoma lawmaker... or forcing her to watch Gail at Sports Clips cut her dad's hair.

Here's an unedited transcript of the call obtained from KFOR:

“Hey, Kevin, you know what, you're down there sucking Harold Hamm's cock, your wife, Toni, is sucking mine while your daughter, (name), sits in the other room and eats Tide Pods, you son of a bitch,” the caller said

Yikes. That crosses the line and is not cool. There's no need to throw the man's family into a general mix of insults. They can't help it that daddy is a right-wing lunatic. If the caller leaves another voicemail today or tomorrow, remember to keep it classy and just focus on Calvey sucking Harold Hamm's cock.

Here's more from the call:

“You remember when you were crying about your fucking laws being unconstitutional because you're a fucking dumbass, and you pass unconstitutional laws and you tried to get rid of the bar association? How'd that work out for you, you fucking moron,” the caller said.

“You fucking Del City fucking cracker” the voicemail said.

Heh. He called him a Del City cracker. That's kind of funny, especially when you consider Kevin Calvey does kind of look like a cracker.

See? They look a lot alike!

Anyway, you may notice that I'm not taking this vile and vulgar voicemail very seriously. That's because A) I also listened to it on KFOR. I know it's splitting hairs, but the person who left it sounds more like a Morning Zoo shock jock comedian than a disturbed individual. And B) this is Kevin Calvey we're talking about. He's not a sympathetic figure, has threatened to set himself on fire, and routinely votes for vile and vulgar legislation that goes against the best interests of children and Oklahoma families. In my book, his actions are much more vile and vulgar than the voicemail's words.

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