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HOT (FOOD) FOR TEACHER: Even more free meals for educators

A couple of weeks ago in this very spot, we lamented that with all Oklahoma teachers have had to deal with over the past few years—bureaucratically, financially and psychologically—seemingly the only business coming to their emotional rescue during these trying times were the well-meaning pizza-plumpers at Mazzio’s when they heroically and whole-heartedly offered all public school teachers a free Endless Dinner Buffet and drink on Tuesday nights at participating restaurants.

Of course, like the jerks we are, I made a quip along the lines of “haven’t teachers already suffered so much” or something to that effect, much to the chagrin of a large corporation that was just trying to share some much-needed love and earn some misplaced PR.

And I wonder why I have no friends.

However, in the interim between then and now, with this walkout getting real and schools all over the state closed as educators converge on the grounds of the Capitol to meet with a mostly absent and effacingly unresponsive legislature, a small handful of other local eateries are doing the right thing and stepping up to the dinner plate and offering free eats to the marching masses, all to varying degrees of value, of course.

Taking a page from the same pizza textbook as Mazzio’s—only newer and in better shape—the most prominent edible offer of culinary generosity is coming from the much-loved Plaza District staple and hipster pizza parlour Empire Slice House with a special dinner deal that even makes those of us who are defiantly anti-education red-faced and jealous. I just hope you can find a parking space, teach:

Mamma mia, here we go again! Tangy underdog Sauced on Paseo has entered into the fray by being nice and serving up a free slice of their award-winning pizza for teachers AND support staff during the entire run of this protest. Part of hopes this walkout never ends!

For instructors who prefer to nosh on alarming amounts of nitrate-based finger foods after a hard day on the picket lines, they will be more than ecstatic for the porcine treats within the swanky digs of the R & J Lounge and Supper Club and their delightfully obtuse cocktail weenie smorgasbord:

You know what's gonna taste really good this afternoon--beside the taste of righteous victory--it's the deviantly sweet taste of a sinfully fresh cupcake from Sara Sara. For today only, on the way home from the warzone, make sure to stop by and claim your free gourmet cupcake and drink. Take some time to stop and gently lick the frosting off the top and sensually nibble on the fruity toppings before smooshing the full cake in your gob . There...isn't the better?

If you’re taking the weekend off from pounding the pavement, this coming Saturday at Stella OKC—what I’m told is a “nice” Italian joint—they’re proudly presenting a special lunch deal that ain’t free, but, hey now, it’s still more than Mary Fallin has ever done for our collective educators:

Elemental Coffee is also cutting 50% off drinks and goodie bags.

Additionally, the following places are giving teachers discounts to varying degrees and, you know, good for them:

Back Door Barbecue (20% off)

Big Truck Tacos (20% off)

S&B Burger Joints (25% off)

And while I certainly hope and pray that more restaurants that claim to care about the community walk the walk and follow suit, a surprising and enterprising local business is getting into the PR-friendly fracas: area boutique The Black Scintilla—not to be confused with the short story by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, but oh, if it were—will be giving teachers a free thank you gift this Thursday that’s worth leaving the frontlines early to claim:

If you know of any other eateries or businesses giving away free meals and/or merch to public schools teachers during this walkout period, please let us know in the comments.


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