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Oklahoma lawmaker scolded by angry high school student…

If I was a Republican Oklahoma lawmaker, I'd do just about everything in my power to avoid interacting with Oklahoma public school students.

Sure, I know lawmakers want to make it appear like they care about education funding and teacher pay and kids and all that fun stuff, but it's just too risky. In today's vitriolic, on-edge political climate, about the only thing you'll accomplish is giving some kid the opportunity to make you look like an idiot on video.

State Rep Jeff Coody learned that the hard way. The thrill-seeking State Rep who's trying to bring back the short-tie recently spoke to students at the capitol about the upcoming teacher walkout. After telling the obedient students that the upcoming strikes by teachers and state employees were possibly illegal and "akin to extortion," he made the mistake of taking a question from an angry girl whose parents probably read The Lost Ogle.

Check it out:

Although that seemed a tiny bit rehearsed, that was pretty badass. I'd like to offer this student, whoever she is, the opportunity to write an article on The Lost Ogle, or a poem for Non Doc. It's her call.

Anyway, now that Coody's video has made the rounds, expect the rest of Oklahoma lawmakers – at least the ones who aren't deviants – to follow my advice and run the other way when they see a pack of teenagers enter the capitol. I think the only way we can get them to meet with students from here on out is to get Oklahoma-native Dr. Phil involved. That isn't good for anyone.

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