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Step Up Oklahoma has failed… for now

Earlier today, after some spirited debate rife with soundbites and poorly constructed sports analogies, the Oklahoma House voted on the Step Up Oklahoma Tax Plan that was forced upon us by Oil Overlords, the GOP establishment and other members of the Oklahoma ruling class.

Although the voting hasn't officially ended, it looks like the vote failed. Here's the tally:

Thanks to a (irony alert) stupid GOP-constructed law that requires all tax increases to pass with 75% of the vote, the Step Up Oklahoma package failed by about a dozen votes or so. The no-votes (red) came from an odd mix of anti-tax tea party Republicans and unwavering Democratic progressives who refused to be seduced by Step Up Oklahoma's teacher pay raise bribe.

Although the vote failed, Step Up Oklahoma isn't dead. Based on our state's fine history of getting screwed over by greedy oil overlords and their GOP henchmen, I fully expect it to come open for another vote, and depending on who is bribed or blackmailed, likely pass.

We'll obviously have more on this story as it develops. Until then, hip-hip-hooray!

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