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OKC Internet Defender Force flips out over mean, accurate Laker tweet

9:59 AM EST on January 18, 2018

Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the hapless L.A. Lakers in a snoozefest inside Chesapeake Arena. One interesting subplot to the game occurred on Tuesday morning, when Mychal Thompson – the L.A. Lakers color announcer – took a shot at Oklahoma City on Twitter.

Check it out:

The tweet set off the OKC Internet Defender Force – a vagabond group of social media users, civic leaders and Ogles, us included, who tirelessly defend Oklahoma City from negative criticism and stereotypes that are, sadly, grounded in truth, but pisses us off anyway. I guess growing up in a boring city makes us sensitive.

The tweet (and online reaction) was such a big deal that KFOR even covered it. Well, they basically just rounded up people's reactions on Twitter, but that counts as journalism in today's age. Gabe Ikard gave a comprehensive list of reasons why OKC was abandoned on Monday:

We've always done our part to rally the OKC Internet Defender Force, especially when the criticism is tied to the Thunder. Who can forget the time we came after the bearded Memphis blogger who complained about OKC's lack of energy on a Sunday morning, or when some Houston radio jock dared call a Thunder girl chunky. We always respond when called upon. It's part of our job and duty as the curators of the OKC snark scene, but...

Don't we all seem to be overreacting a little bit on this one? Yeah, it was stupid fucking cold outside, but do we really think it would have been different if it was a mild 50-degrees? The sad reality is that his tweet was accurate  – outside of an event or concert, Downtown OKC can feel like a ghost town at times, especially on a Monday night in January. OKC is a sleepy city, but we're waking up a bit and doing our best to act as big league as possible. We'll get better Mr. Mychal. We promise.

In other news, go stick a Big Baller Brand shoe up your ass!!!We get it. Oklahoma City isn't the most exciting place to go for a weekday business trip. That doesn't mean you need to be a dick about it! The only reason you brought it up was to bring us down. Have some class. You don't see Thunder cheerleader Michael Cage tweeting negative stuff about LA when he gets to the team hotel:

"This is NOT an exaggeration...We get to downtown LA at 11:00pm...And driving through the city from the hotel...about 10 blocks or so...We saw SHIT on the ground...It was EVERYWHERE  folks...People are COVERED IN it and literally HEPATITIS."

Actually, that would be cool. Can someone get him to tweet that? Make sure he includes a link to this story.  It has an auto-play video that loudly begins "Hepatitis A is an ..," so you may want to make sure your volume is down, otherwise your co-workers are going to worry.

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