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News 9 airs puffy Kelly Ogle interview with Scott Pruitt…

5:23 PM EST on November 6, 2017

Last week, News 9 aired a heavily promoted "exclusive" Kelly Ogle interview with EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

You can't really blame News 9 for hyping the story. An interview with the acting EPA chief is a great get for any media outlet, and the fact that Scott Pruitt agreed to it should tell you everything you need to know about the journalism standards at News 9. It was as hard-hitting as a Lesley McClaslin Q&A with Russell Westbrook at a charity event.

Check it out: - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

(Well, it looks like we're still having problems embedding News 9 video on this site. You can view it here.)

To quote Stephen A. Smith, that was weak sauce. I don't expect Kelly Ogle to be Tim Russert and ask difficult and direct questions about current topics that may expose some sort of double standard, hypocrisy or ulterior political motive. Hell, I'm not even asking him to be Dino Lalli, but if you're going to heavily promote a Scott Pruitt interview, at least give us more than a flimsy puff piece.

Sure, Kelly addressed some of the criticisms of Pruitt in his voice over narrative, but it was all overshadowed by dumb questions (and responses) like this:

"You seem to be reinvigorated by this challenge? I am reading that right?"

What challenge? Giving the fossil fuel industry a hall pass to destroy the environment? He's been working tirelessly to accomplish that for years! How exactly is doing the same exact thing make him reinvigorated?If that was the case, you'd think he'd spend a little less time back in Oklahoma. You read it wrong, Kelly.

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