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Nurse Banned From OK County Jail For Performing Exorcism On Dying Inmate

4:56 PM EDT on October 31, 2017

Maybe it's time we turn the Oklahoma County Jail into a haunted house?

Earlier this month, Oklahoma County Commissioners denied a request by the Department of Justice to tour the Oklahoma County Jail. I guess they didn't want the Feds to see any failed exorcisms being performed on inmates by old nurses.

Via The Daily Mail:

An Oklahoma City nurse has been barred from working at the county jail and could potentially face criminal charges for allegedly trying to perform an exorcism on a sick inmate, who later died of a drug-induced heart attack.

Amanda Lynette Freeman, 32, was arrested on February 7, 2017, on a drug possession charge. Four days later, she passed away from what the medical examiner later determined to be an acute coronary event caused by methamphetamine use.

The nurse who had been summoned to Freeman's bedside in the medical wing of the Oklahoma County Jail, identified by The Oklahoman as Linda Herlong Jackson, 67, was banned from the facility by Sheriff PD Taylor on October 20....

Jackson has denied trying to perform a religious ritual on Freeman, telling the paper, 'No... I didn’t do an exorcism.'

However, corrections officers at the jail reported overhearing the 67-year-old medical worker telling Freeman, as she was violently thrashing on the floor, 'I revoke your demons,' according to The Oklahoman.

According to one witness, Jackson had asked those present in the room if anyone would mind if she performed an exorcism.

Instead of performing the exorcism on an inmate, perhaps the nurse should have tried it to the jail. That place has been cursed since it first opened in the early 1990s. I think it was built on an old Native American burial ground with stones from King Tut's tomb. That would probably explain why so many inmates die in custody or try to escape. It would be a great spot for our city's annual Black Mass.

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