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OK Sheriff lets man charged with domestic violence take silly mugshot photo…

4:07 PM EDT on October 19, 2017

It seems like we can't go a week in Oklahoma without some sheriff or lawmaker being caught up in financial scandal, deviant sex crime, or good old "abuse of power" conspiracy. It's like the two groups are in a never-ending "hold my beer" battle to see who can embarrass and disgrace their state the most.

For example, meet Brandon Trice Harmon. The classy gentleman was recently arrested in Major County on misdemeanor charges of domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor. Since he's apparently buddy-buddy with Major County Sheriff Steve Randolph, he was allowed to wear a silly wig and oversized glasses for the mugshot.

Via The Enid News Eagle:

Major County Sheriff Steve Randolph said he had no comment about a jail mug shot taken by his office featuring a Ringwood man in a blond wig and glasses.

The mug shot of Brandon Trice Harmon, 34, of Ringwood, appeared in the October issue of the Jailbirds publication featuring booking photos. Harmon was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant from Major County for a single charge of domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor.

The victim’s mother said she was “appalled” when she saw Harmon’s mug shot in the publication.

“It was like they made a mockery of the Domestic Abuse Awareness Month,” said Ringwood resident Kathy Lambert. “They just took pictures of the deputies wearing ‘We support domestic violence month’ shirts, but yet they let this happen.”

Yeah, I don't blame the victim's mother for being appalled, but on a positive note, at least Sheriff Randolph didn't bribe a co-worker to sleep with him, or let his son run a meth den from his living room, or turn the jail into a sex dungeon, or forget to pay medical bills, or let an inmate dress up like a deputy and run errands, or... well... you get where I'm going.

Lambert said she believes it is Harmon’s relationship with Sheriff Randolph that afforded him special treatment when he was booked on the charge.

“Nobody else gets that opportunity,” she said. “It’s just a slap in the face to all the women who are abused daily. It’s a sad crime that happens daily, it was just a disgrace.”

Ringwood Fire Chief Cliff Davidson confirmed Tuesday afternoon that Randolph and Harmon are members of the volunteer Ringwood Fire Department.

When reached for comment about the mug shot, Randolph told the Enid News & Eagle he had “no comment.”

Randolph, a Republican, has been sheriff of Major County since 2007.

That's crazy! Oklahoma sheriff departments are the bastions of honor and integrity in our state's criminal justice system. They never play favorites or bend rules for their buddies, and treat all people fairly! There has to be an explanation for this:

Harmon issued the following statement concerning the mug shot: “Public perception when in Jailbirds is you are automatically guilty. Even though constitutional rights say otherwise. The Major County Sheriff's Office has nothing to do with this other than the arresting agency.

“This is simply the pot being stirred (due) to a divorce that has been going on for over a year now. That Davis law firm won't settle. These are very serious charges, and I take them very seriously. There will be no comment otherwise about the case.”

Well, it looks like Harmon had your typical Oklahoma education.

Anyway, I guess we'll keep our eyes peeled to see how Oklahoma lawmakers respond to this. Over the past couple of years, they've done a pretty good job out embarrassing our sheriffs. I bet they have something very special planned.

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