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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is meeting with Oklahoma Sheriffs today…

6:13 AM EDT on October 19, 2017

A day after being grilled in front of a US Senate judiciary committee for his lies about working with Russians, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is coming to the red state refuge of Oklahoma today to get away from all the people in DC who hate him.

He's also talking to our sheriffs.


U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will speak to sheriffs Thursday in Midwest City.

The Alabama Republican will deliver keynote remarks to the Oklahoma Sheriffs' Association in a student center at Rose State College, the association announced Tuesday.

Jeff Sessions is meeting with Oklahoma sheriffs? That can't be good. Neither of them have what you would call sterling reputations. They're probably going to brainstorm different ways to have Russian troll farms help expand Oklahoma's civil asset forfeiture collections.

Here's more about the meeting:

“It's a real big deal," said Ray McNair, the group's executive director. "To our knowledge, we have never had a sitting attorney general come and address anyone in the state of Oklahoma.”

McNair said the Department of Justice has followed debates over criminal justice reform and sentencing reform in Oklahoma. The Justice Department reached out to the sheriffs' association to arrange a visit by Sessions, he said.

The association has been critical of State Questions 780 and 781, which passed in November. McNair plans to speak to Sessions about those prior to Thursday's address.

"Certainly, we're going to address some issues that we have and get his advice as to what he thinks might be something we can consider," McNair said.

Really? They want to talk with him about issues they have with the drug sentencing reform laws Oklahoman citizens passed? Do these guys know they're sheriffs and not lawmakers? We elect them to poorly enforce our laws in the most corrupt ways possible, not create them. Thank God nobody with any real legislative power or importance will be there...

According to a news release, several people will speak before Sessions, including Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb, Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter, Rep. Scott Biggs and Rose State President Jeannie Webb.

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