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No. Freddy Krueger is not a serial killer from Ponca City.

4:00 PM EDT on October 17, 2017

In case you haven't seen it, there's a Facebook post making the rounds this week claiming that Freddy Krueger is based upon a real-life serial killer from Ponca City. It's been shared nearly 20,000 times since Saturday.

Check it out:

That's pretty cool. I think we all know that Jason was based upon the mysterious killings at Lake Tenkiller in the 1960s, but I had no clue that Freddy was from Ponca City. That's probably because the story is total B.S.

Before Channel 25 runs off and files a report, they should probably read the rest of the post:

Yep, it's all just a big joke. That's kind of funny, especially when you consider that most people didn't read the post in its entirety and now think Ponca City was the home of the real life Freddy Krueger (or Kruger). If I worked for the Ponca City Chamber of Commerce, I would run with it. What do they have to lose? It's the coolest thing to happen to Ponca City since Conoco.

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