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Kelly Ogle has taken his 2-cents to callous lows…

I don't know what I've done to make the Facebook algorithm hate me so damn much, but every time I open the social media app I'm greeted by some stupid video from News 9.

Usually, it's in the form of a personal, "behind the scenes" video selfie from some news personality casually promoting a story for that night's newscast, or it's a pandering "Emoji Poll" that baits people into answering a question on some hot topic issue with a smiley face or frown or whatever. They also show a bunch of weather stuff, too. You know the drill.

Anyway, I opened Facebook last night and the first thing I saw was this "Your Two Cents" video from Kelly Ogle. It takes hypocrisy to new heights, and his "My Two Cents" feature to new lows:

Yes, that's right. Can't we at least get victims back to their families before we make the Las Vegas shooting political? That's a fair question, but I have a better one – Can't we at least get victims back to their families before we have some profiteering local TV newsman try to exploit the event for profit on the nightly news?

Seriously, what's more disrespectful here? Is it asking what can be done, in a political sense, in the immediate aftermath of a tragic mass shooting to prevent future mass shootings? Or is it using a mass shooting as an excuse to stir the pot, generate controversy and create discourse so that you can get more people to watch your for-profit news station? Please let us know by liking and sharing this post on Facebook along with your favorite emoji. That's my three-cents.

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