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Classen SAS teacher gives pervy extra credit assignment…

Classen School of Advanced Studies is living up to its reputation as Oklahoma City's most weird and liberal high school.

According to a KFOR report, a 9th grade teacher has been suspended after she allegedly asked pervy math questions to students for extra credit points.


A metro teacher is suspended after students and parents reported an inappropriate assignment that was sexual in nature.

Students in a 9th grade Classen SAS science class reported their teacher gave the assignment last week.

8th grader Kaitlyn Graham has the teacher and heard about it from several of her older classmates.

"She said, 'Calculate the friction of two people having sex,'" Graham said. "Apparently she winked. That's not funny."

Yeah, that's not funny at all. A better question would have been "What's the square root of 69?"

The answer is 8-something.

Bad jokes that I learned in high school aside, that's a ridiculous question to ask high school students.

1. The teacher doesn't present enough variables to solve the question. Was it gay or straight sex? How well do the people know each other? Were they drunk? What lube was used?

2. High school kids don't know anything about sex! They're either new to it or waiting to join the club. You'd think a more relatable question would have to do with masturbation. The teacher apparently agrees:

News 4 received other reports that she asked her male students to masturbate, then take projectile measurements afterward.

"A bunch of different people have told different variation of the story," Graham said. "But no matter what it was for, extra credit and saying that, that's not what I would expect from the school."

Boy, that's a tough a one. To help find the answer, I emailed political candidate Jason Reese. I'll let you know when he, his treasurer or Hot Wife Chloe gets back to us.

News traveled quickly through the student body, and disturbed parents at home.

"I just couldn't believe that a teacher would ask that kind of stuff for extra credit," said parent Ashley Buchanan, whose child goes to the school but was not in her class.

Some believe the suggestion crosses the line.

"I haven't gone over stuff like that with my son and it would be my place to do that," Buchanan said.

Should teachers be asking kids to solve math questions that have to with sex and masturbation? Probably not. Topics like that are generally reserved for locker rooms, sewing circles and budget meetings at the State Capitol. But kudos to this teacher for intertwining boring math curriculum with relatable topics that actually interest high school students. She was only trying to help them learn! Maybe for a field trip she can take them to Patricia's.

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