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‘Tis the Season for Offensive Halloween Yard Decorations!

12:14 PM EDT on September 25, 2017

As a trip to Walgreens, Target, Hobby Lobby or any American retailer will remind you, Halloween is right around the corner. Already, many Oklahomans are hard at work creating lawn decorations that will either annoy, scare and offend their neighbors, and remind everyone who's the weirdo on the block. You know, people like this guy:

That's Tyler Everest. According to KFOR, the Halloween decorations at his home in Guthrie has neighbors in an uproar. Check them out:

That's it? Sure, it's kind of tacky, but unless the bags are made of human skin, they're not that bad. It's not in the same league as 2013's winner of most outrageous Oklahoma Halloween decoration:

That one will never be topped.

Although I wouldn't want to live next door to someone who is negatively impacting my property values and state-of-mind, I don't have a problem with the outrageous Halloween decorations. It's Halloween. Lighten up! It's our country's official purge holiday to do the stuff we can't normally say or do. Keep it up, weirdos!

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