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Josh Brecheen is stepping down!

12:51 PM EDT on September 20, 2017

It looks like we're losing another Oklahoma lawmaker, and this time around, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with criminal sex crimes or some other deviant behavior.

According to the Durant Daily Democrat, Josh Brecheen – the anti-science legislator and sergeant-at-arms for the Oklahoma Derplahoman Caucus – has announced he will be stepping down from his Senate seat.

Here are the details:

Republican Senator Josh Brecheen will step down from his seat on the Oklahoma State Senate.

He currently represents the 6th District of Oklahoma which includes parts of Bryan, Atoka, Coal, Johnston and Marshall counties.

He was elected in 2010 and was preceded by Jay Paul Gumm in the 48 member Senate.

Brecheen said “When I first ran for office, I said I would serve 8 years in the Oklahoma State Senate, and then I would be done. I’m going to keep that commitment.”

That's nice and everything. Thank goodness Josh can't count beyond 8, otherwise we may have been stuck with him for another couple of years.

Josh, who apparently is a motivational speaker on the side, had some advice for candidates who want to try and push a backwards, theocratic agenda at the Capitol:

Brecheen does have some advice for his successor, “Do what’s right. Don’t let any special interest group dictate what you do. Be committed to doing what you know is right. Don’t ever look at who will, or who will not give to you, to determine what you are going to do. That’s a disease in Oklahoma City. It’s a disease in Washington D.C. Too many tied to special interest groups.”

He also has similar advice for the new Governor of Oklahoma, who will also be elected next year in 2018.

Brecheen said, “Don’t be tied to special interest groups. Make sure that our tax law is just. Make sure it’s fair for every Oklahoman and that your not saying to one business enterprise, “we think you’re more important than another, so we’re going to give you special breaks that we are not giving any other business.” The tax law should be fair.”

Yeah, don't let special interests dictate what you do! Unless, of course, that special interest is a theocratic religious ideology that pushes laws that infringe on the rights of individuals who don't abide your moral code, and enables legislators to introduce anti-science legislation in an effort to indoctrinate our children and protect them from scientific fact. It's okay for those people to shape public policy.

Anyway, now that Josh is going to have some free time on his hand, I think he should consider running for Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional Seat. Voters in that district need a right-wing nutjob who will honor a pledge to only hold office for eight years, or however high they can count.

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