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Kevin Durant is still a thin-skinned loser…

11:32 AM EDT on September 18, 2017

A week after releasing new shoes that show his critics he doesn't care what they think by, uhm, showing them he really-really cares what they think, KD hopped on Twitter and inadvertently explained the real reasons why he really left the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Check this out:

The fact that KD is speaking about himself in third-person seems to suggest that he meant to reply to the fan from some sort of fake / anonymous / spoof account. I believe that account is @LadyFartLover35. Either way, that means Kevin Durant is such a thin-skinned crybaby koward that he's now creating fake aliases on social media to defend and stick up for himself. Skip Bayless sure would be proud! That's almost as pathetic as his choke job in Game 6 of the 2016 Western Conference Finals.

That being said, it's is kind of nice to see Kevin Durant finally being honest for once. He's spent his entire professional career taking the PR high-road and telling the fans and media only what they want to hear. I just wish he would have been that honest when he played here.

"So Kevin. What do you think about Oklahoma City?"

"Well, Royce, in all honesty, I'm not that big of a fan. There's not a lot to do here and the weather sucks. Plus, the organization is dry and boring. They traded away James Harden. Our third best player was like Steven Adams or Victor Oladipo. And worst of all, they hired a college coach to try to lead us to the NBA Finals. What a joke, huh? I honestly can't wait to get out of here and join an established championship team that, barring injury, will guarantee me three to five championships."

"Wow. Can I quote you on that?"

"No. Please attribute it to LadyFartLover35. I'm too image conscious to tell people what I really think."

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