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OSU Motorcycle Brahs Get Asses Kicked By Derplahoma Rednecks…

8:09 PM EDT on September 14, 2017

Sometimes I get annoyed by today's instant video age, but when you get to see a pack of OSU motorcycle brahs get their asses kicked by gun and knife toting moonshine rednecks from the heart of Derplahoma, it makes it all worthwhile.

In case you haven't seen this video yet, check it out. It's an instant Oklahoma classic:

See what I mean? That's pretty cool. I think my favorite part is when the Sons of Anarchy guy does the Truffle Shiffle to show everyone his motorcycle gang tattoo, or it could have been when the two Derps got in fight over who got to hold the shotgun, or maybe it was when the village elder comes along saying "they're good" and then tells the brahs to have "a good time" after they get shotguns and knives pulled on them.

You can read more about the incident at Surprisingly, none of the people involved are named Bubba, Daryl or Varnell.

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