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Oklahoma police chief is, in fact, a neo-Nazi skinhead racist…

3:25 PM EDT on August 31, 2017

On Monday, we told you about Colbert, OK Police Chief Bart Alsbrook.

He's the guy who was linked to several business that sold top-of-the line neo-Nazi and white supremacy music and memorabilia.

After the story broke, Bart announced he would be stepping down from his position, and then claimed the whole story was nothing but an elaborate character assassination attempt orchestrated by a sinister band of skinheads that he used to fight at heavy metal concerts, which oddly enough, is the same excuse I gave my parents when they found pot in my sock drawer in the 11th grade.

"The skinheads from the Sepultura put it there, mom. I swear!"

Since we published our story on Monday, we have a couple of updates:

1. The Colbert City Council rejected Alsbrook's resignation, and through a spokesman, actually stood up for the guy. According to a spokesman, "They [the city council] don’t want him to leave because he hasn’t done anything they would warrant as grounds for dismissal.”

2. KXII and the Southern Poverty Law Center dug up photographs and video footage of Bart Alsbrook's neo-Nazi white supremacist skinhead past. Check them out:

Man, give those skinheads some credit. They sure are good at doctoring photos and making it look like you took part in French documentaries about the white power skinhead movement. Stay away from heavy metal concerts or you may be next.

Anyway, I guess we'll follow this story and provide any other updates if needed. You'd think this would force the city council to fire Alsbrook if they haven't already. Then again, maybe they're trying to turn Colbert into one of the top tourist destinations for scum racist lowlifes and other degenerates. If so, they're on the right track.

Update: He resigned again.

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