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Joy Hofmeister is very very happy…

Yesterday afternoon, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater dropped felony charges against Oklahoma State School Superintendent Joy Hofmeister and her merry band of political consultants and cronies.

She celebrated the news by having a warm, fuzzy press conference surrounded by her happy and smiling staff. Here's some video of the "joyful" occasion via I wonder if it will auto-play on here like all the other videos on the website?

Okay, so it does auto play. That's good to know.

Anyway, Joy's staff must have found the secret stash of happy gas Janet Barresi had tucked away inside the iron maiden located in the elementary school discipline chamber, because I haven't seen a happier group of people in my life. They smiled more than a gang of students who just found a backpack full of weed, wine coolers and blank hall passes.

When Hofmeister was charged, we naturally piled on. We closed with this:

1) Why is all this happening only a few days before an election that has an important state question on the ballot regarding education funding? Couldn’t Prater have waited until after the election to release the charges?

I think that’s a fair question. Remember, the Oklahoma City ruling elite isn’t for SQ 779. They’re Chamber of Commerce folks. They want sales tax increases to benefit them, not teachers. Although the investigation has been going for a few years, I think the timing is a little bit fishy and curious, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s politically motivated.

2) Is Joy Hofmeister going to jail?

I have no clue. There does seem to be a lot of incriminating evidence. If I was her, I’d be negotiating a plea deal and trying to avoid any jail time.

First of all, I guess it's good Joy Hofmeister doesn't get her legal advice from obscure local social bloggers. If she wants to pour some Jimmy Egg on my face, that's fine. It's what I deserve for believing the word of a DA who openly endorsed Paul Blair.

That being said, the conspiracy theory I posed looks pretty legit, doesn't it?! With the case being dropped, the timing of the charges look even more suspicious – especially when you consider it was a weak case to begin with. Here's what an Ogle Legal Mole who knows things told me:

Prater got out lawyered... He never had a good case and never should have charged it. Not a fan (or a hater) of Hofmeister, but they left it hanging for way too long just to mess with her.

Interesting. Now that I published this, expect Prater to re-file charges tomorrow just to make me look bad.

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