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Abigail Ogle made The Daily Show…

It must be good to be Abigail Ogle.

Just four years ago, she was buying Twitter followers and spending long hours locked away in the dungeons of KSBI Channel 52 editing high school sports packages.

Since then, she's rapidly advanced up the Oklahoma City news ranks, found a very kind and handsome husband, and most impressively, led a trio of successful Ogle family raids across the hill country of southeastern Oklahoma, resulting in a sack of Krebs that produced a bountiful and prosperous plunder of delicious Italian cheeses, pastas, and limited-edition Prairie Artisan Ales.

Now Abigail has a new milestone to celebrate. The Daily Show – America's once great satirical news source that's been run into the ground by an annoying and unfunny foreign millennial – used a clip of Abigail in a report about global warming. I don't think Kevin, Kelly, Kent can claim that.

Here's the clip:

That's awesome. Congrats to Abigail on making it to the national stage. Also, congrats to The Daily Show researcher who found the perfect embodiment of a 21st century coffee connoisseur to appear in a news clip about an upcoming coffee shortage. Seriously, do you like how Abigail Ogle glanced to the left when reading the promoter? She looked genuinely concerned that her morning Starbucks run will be even more expensive.

Oddly enough, Abigail wasn't the only Oklahoman to get some late-night TV love last night. Al Franken appeared on Stephen Colbert, and shared a funny anecdote about Dr. Tom Coburn:

First Abigail Ogle and then Dr. Coburn. That's weird and random. I can't wait to see Kristin Chenoweth on an upcoming Carpool Karaoke segment.

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