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Paul Folger has the best anchorman hair in Oklahoma…

2:54 PM EDT on June 13, 2017

Last week, a website called Get Good Head – no, it's not that type of site – ranked the best sets of anchorman hair in each state. Winning the top honors in Oklahoma was Paul Folger:

In a world of news anchor’s clean-swept foreheads, seeing a non-styled, messy fringe is a unique and refreshing sight. Which is why we just had to award Paul Folger, and his relaxed, boyish haircut a first place HAIRRY award for Oklahoma!

That's awesome! Congrats to Paul! Now that he's finally won a HAIRRY from Get Good Head, maybe KOCO will give him his own nightly opinion piece to rival the Ogle brothers. Perhaps something fun where he looks into a crystal ball and predicts the future. They could call it Folger's Crystals.

Here's some more:

Paul’s an anchor at KOCO News, and has worked across the southern United States, breaking big news stories at every stop along the way. There’s something about Paul’s hair cut that makes you feel like he’d be a really great listener, and as someone who describes himself as not only a ‘car guy’ and a ‘news guy’ but also as a ‘friend’, we’d say the haircut is a reflection of his approachable, care-free personality.

When he’s not breaking big stories, Paul likes to mountain bike, and travel – and we assume his hair looks great no matter what he’s doing. Want proof? Check out his Twitter for enviable selfies in different countries, and to ogle at his perfectly tousle-able locks.

Really? They had to drop an "ogle" at the end? We get it. Thanks for reading, Get Good Head.

I guess we really shouldn't be surprised that Paul has the best anchorman hair in Oklahoma City. As his old high school yearbook pic shows, Paul's always had thick, bushy locks:

The website also named a runner-up in case Paul Folger suddenly goes 2007 Britney Spears on us, shaves his head, and is unable to fulfill his Pro-V vitamin conditioning duties. This is who they selected.

Just kidding. That's my KFOR homeboy Lorne Fultonberg. He got robbed. This is the real runner-up:

In case you're new around here, that's wax museum replica turned KOKH Fox 25 weatherman Jeff George. I've always felt bad that Jeff was a meteorologist at the one station that doesn't go into weather overhype mode each spring, so it's good to see his hair get some much deserved recognition. I heard he spends a lot of time managing it during severe weather outbreaks because he doesn't have anything better to do.

Anyway, congrats to Paul and Jeff on this honor. You can view the entire list here. For what it's worth, former KOKH anchor Mark Taylor finished number 2 in the country. Marisa ranked him as the 8th hottest OKC news man in 2012.

Thanks for reading!

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