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Even road construction signs are trolling Oklahoma lawmakers…

Once upon a time, before budget crises, botched executions, earthquakes, four day school weeks and a dry, stagnant economy took center stage, the big thing to complain about in Oklahoma was the disastrous state of our roads and bridges. It was such a big deal that our lawmakers actually decided to do something about it earlier this decade.

Recently, Mary Fallin bragged on Twitter about all the progress that's been made...

In case you needed more proof about how dire things have become in this state, our Governor is bragging about "only" having 251 structurally deficient bridges. Let's grab Sad Papaw and throw a cookout! We're making progress!

Whenever Mary Fallin or an Oklahoma lawmaker brags about their accomplishments, I immediately get suspicious. Can we have someone with the legitimate media look into how they accomplished this feat? Something tells me they just worked with the Tourism Department to classify all structurally deficient bridges as "Adventure Roads."

Anyway, it looks like the progress we've made on roads and bridges is coming to a dead end. KOKH is reporting that ODOT has halted several construction projects around the state thanks to upcoming budget cuts. This caused one contractor to get creative with the electric sign:

That's pretty cool. I say we get someone to program all electronic ODOT signs to say the exact same thing. That will make a statement! They better hurry, though. With the way things are going, we may have to pawn the signs very soon.

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