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Scandal! Lacey Swope emceed OKC Fire Dept. Awards Banquet!

The Lacey Swope / Emily Sutton rivalry has reached new heights.

Thanks to a tweet from News 9 Weather Maiden Cassie Heiter, we learned that Severe Weather Babe Lacey Swope is now encroaching on Emily's firefighter turf.

Check this out

That's just mean. We asked Channel 9 to provide an emcee for the 2017 TLO Blogger Awards Banquet and they sent us Justin Rudicel. I'll tell ya, firemen get all the breaks!!! It's like they risk their lives or something for the general public.

Anyway, now that we're Oklahoma City's premier online tabloid, I'm going to go ahead and declare this a scandal. As the wife to Hunky McHunkerson Moore firefighter Micheal Zurmehly, Emily should have been the one handing out fireman awards. What's next? Is Lacey going to emcee the Redman Triathlon? Eat Oreos to explain the severe weather cap? I could have accepted the fishing contest as a coincidence, but this just seems intentional.

Also, I guess the other scandal here is Cassie Heiter officially replacing Shelby Hays as Lacey Swope's BFF. They look as close as two supercells merging into one gigantic squall line. Thankfully we have firemen to rescue us if things gets out of control.

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