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Ogle Madness

Ogle Madness X Championship Game: (1) Russell Westbrook vs (2) Lacey Swope

10:27 AM EDT on April 3, 2017

Who's ready for a re-match?

Last year, Lacey Swope edged Russell Westbrook by a count of 525 to 404 in the Ogle Madness IX Championship game. Now they face-off again for the Ogle Madness X title!

(1) Russell Westbrook vs (2) Lacey Swope

Before we get to the voting, let's take a look at how they got here...

Defending champion Lacey Swope, once again, proved the Ogle Madness selection committee has no clue what it's doing. She marched through Midwest Region like a maxi-wedge grinder in the Oklahoma panhandle, easily dispatching of (15) #ShopEdmond, (10) Linda Cavanaugh, (3) Thunder Kiss Cam Girls and (1) Olivia Munn. In the Final Four, she battled the woman she was created to overtake and destroy, Severe Weather Princess Emily Sutton, by nearly 20% points. It was another impressive performance by the Severe Weather Huntress.

Russell Westbrook's quest to his third consecutive Ogle Madness Championship game was almost as inspirational as his triple-double run. He roared past (16) Kevin Durant, (8) My So Called Band, (5) Abigail Ogle and (2) Gary England in the East Region. And in his Final Four battle against Street Outlaws, he overcame a 2,000 vote on the final day to squeak out a one point victory. Just like Street Outlaws, I guess some aspects of Ogle Madness are staged.

Anyway, the only thing left to do is vote. You can do that after the jump...

(1) Russell Westbrook

Last Match: Defeated Street Outlaws 6,895 - 6,894

Who? The future real MVP of the NBA

Strength: Local hero and savior

Weakness: Averages a triple double, but still has problems figuring out what to wear in the morning.


(2) Lacey Swope

Last Match: Defeated Emily Sutton 2389-1464

Who? News 9 Severe Weather Babe

Strength: Hunting animals

Weakness: Moving to Tulsa


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