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OSU “Mac & Cheese Bath Bomb” Girls Takeover Internet

2:03 PM EDT on March 28, 2017

We finally have some positive news to report from Stillwater!

Earlier this week, some hot OSU girls got really bored, probably smoked weed, and took a bath with 56 boxes of  Kraft Mac N Cheese. Because the Internet is a glorious place where amazing happens, they decided to share some photos.

For example:

See what I mean? Pretty cool, huh? Here are some more pics:

I'm not going to lie. Just like most red-blooded American men, I'm a big fan of both Mac N' Cheese and hot college girls with big boobs. Congrats to these smart women for bringing these two (or three) great things together! That being said, couldn't they have at least used a thick slice of garlic bread as a loofah? That would have been awesome.

Anyway, you can read more about these girls and their hijinks on Buzzfeed. Here is what Ashley, the girl in the right had to say...

Actually, that's her pinned Twitter tweet. Here's her quote: "We really just did it because we thought it would be hilarious."

That's sweet. Kudos to these girls for making the Internet's day and finding something fun to do in Stillwater.

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