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Ogle Madness

Ogle Madness X Elite 8: (6) Homeless Puppeteer vs (9) Street Outlaws

12:51 PM EDT on March 27, 2017

The Ogle Madness X tournament continues today with the West Regional Final:

(6) Homeless Puppeteer vs (9) Street Outlaws

If that seems like the strangest Elite 8 matchup in Ogle Madness history, please don't blame us!

As we noted, Street Outlaws cast member "Murder Nova" was alerted to Ogle Madness and has been actively encouraging his 3.2-million followers to vote for his rowdy, underground, working-with-the-police-to-close-down-roads gang of hoodlum street racers. I don't really care. The only thing I love more than Ogle Madness votes is web traffic, and the only thing I love more than web traffic is Street Outlaws hate mail, so it's worked out great for us. Also, it's refreshing to know that the 12-year-old boys who watch Street Outlaws finally learned how to read. I was starting to get worried.

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(6) Homeless Puppeteer

Last Match: Defeated Damon Lane, 775-626

Who? Homeless man who performs puppet shows at 23rd and Penn

Strength: Scaring small children

Weakness: Can't stand on a median


(9) Street Outlaws

Last Match: Defeated The Pioneer Woman 3565-428

Who? Discovery "Reality" series about Oklahoma underground street racing scene

Strength: Fast Cars

Weakness: They wear lady helmets for "street races"


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