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Ogle Madness X: Sweet 16, East Region

Ogle Madness X continues this afternoon with matchups from the East Region. Here are the matches:

(1) Russell Westbrook vs (5) Abigail Ogle
(2) Gary England vs (6) Sad Papaw

I think the battle between Lord England and Sad Papaw makes it the oldest combined matchup in Ogle Madness history. Vote!

(1) Russell Westbrook vs (5) Abigail Ogle

(1) Russell Westbrook

Second Round: Defeated My So Called Band 638-65

Who? The future real MVP of the NBA

Strength: Local hero and savior

Weakness: Averages a triple double, but still has problems figuring out what to wear in the morning.


(5) Abigail Ogle

Second Round: Defeated KFOR Skull Finder 435-251

Who? Matriarch of the Ogle Family

Strength: Using her Viking war sword "Candy Crush" to plunder the riverlands of South Norman.

Weakness: Still too cheery in the morning



(2) Gary England vs (6) Sad Papaw

(2) Gary England

Second Round: Defeated Bricktown Octopus 445-253

Who? Severe Weather God of Oklahoma

Strength: Defending Oklahoma from vagabond dry lines and rambunctious hook echos

Weakness: Pretends he doesn't believe in global warming


(6) Sad Papaw

Second Round: Defeated (3) Carrie Underwood 351-343

Who? Grandpa who cooks hamburgers

Strength: Getting internet famous

Weakness: Shitty grandkids


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