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Ogle Madness X: Sweet 16, West Region

2:03 PM EDT on March 21, 2017

The Ogle Madness X Sweet 16 begins today with matches from the West Region. Here are the matchups:

(9) Street Outlaws vs (12) The Pioneer Woman
(6) Homeless Puppeteer vs (7) Damon Lane

Yep, thanks to some last-second Facebook promotion by the lady helmet-wearing Murder Nova, Street Outlaws upset 1-seed Joleen Chaney. In fact, they set an Ogle Madness voting record and by receiving 6,081 votes! That's impressive! I had no clue Street Outlaw fans knew how to read! Keep up the solid work.

Oddly enough, The Pioneer Woman is the only person left in the tournament field with a larger online following than the Street Outlaws gang. Will she rally her army of Mommy Bloggers to combat the countless scores of prepubescent Street Outlaws fans? There's only one way to tell. Vote!

(9) Street Outlaws

Second Round: Defeated (1) Joleen Chaney 6081-651

Who? Discovery "Reality" series about Oklahoma underground street racing scene

Strength: Fast Cars

Weakness: They wear lady helmets for "street races"


(12) The Pioneer Woman

Second Round: Defeated Hipster Boo Boo 1480-546

Who? Queen of Mommy Bloggers

Strength: Her cookbooks make great Christmas gifts for aunts.

Weakness: Asian Wings



(6) Homeless Puppeteer vs (7) Damon Lane

(6) Homeless Puppeteer

Second Round: Defeated The Ogle Brothers 1070-744

Who? Homeless man who performs puppet shows at 23rd and Penn

Strength: Scaring small children

Weakness: Can't stand on a median


Second Round: Defeated Sam Scovill 875-852

Who? Chief Meteorologist for KOCO Channel 5

Strength: Accurately forecasting when there will not be a winter

Weakness: Needs a footstool to read Doppler radar


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