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Ogle Madness

Ogle Madness X: Northeast Region, Second Round

1:02 PM EDT on March 21, 2017

The second round of Ogle Madness X concludes this afternoon with some tough matchups from the Northeast region

(1) Emily Sutton vs (8) Milk Bottle Building
(4) Mayor Mick Cornett vs (5) Burger King Prank Caller
(11) Chuck Norris vs (14) Bizzaro Kyle Singler

(2) Gwen Stefani vs (10) The Franchise


(1) Emily Sutton vs (8) Milk Bottle Building

(1) Emily Sutton

Round One: Defeated Aaron Tuttle 716-108

Who? Severe Weather Princess

Strength: Using junk food to explain weather

Weakness: Holding it in


(8) Milk Bottle Building

Round One: Defeated Nipple Church 502-301

What? Iconic building near NW 23rd and Classen

Strength: Dodging cars

Weakness: Steve Lackmeyer wants to drink it



(4) Mayor Mick Cornett vs (5) Burger King Prank Caller

(4) Mayor Mick Cornett

Round One: Defeated 75k Engagement Ring Couple 635-157

Who? Mayor of OKC

Strength: Helped make OKC a Big League City

Weakness: Overplays pocket pairs in early position


(5) Burger King Prank Caller

Round One: Defeated Oil Field Prayer Day 600-183

Who? Person who instructed employees at Shawnee Burger King to bust out windows due to a "gas leak"

Strength: Convincing dumb people to do dumb things

Weakness: Should have called Braum's



(11) Chuck Norris vs (14) Bizzaro Kyle Singler

(11) Chuck Norris

Round One: Defeated New License Plate 561-199

Who? American Badass

Strength: Eating nails

Weakness: Hasn't rescued us from Oklahoma lawmakers


(14) Bizzaro Kyle Singler

Round One: Defeated Wild Boars 393-358

Who? Gas Station Attendant

Strength: Honest, good-hearted human being

Weakness: Can't make a jump shot



(2) Gwen Stefani vs (10) The Franchise

(10) The Franchise

Round One: Defeated The Sports Animal 431-334

What? The other sports talk station

Strength: Doesn't employ Regular Jim Traber

Weakness: Renewing ads with TLO


(2) Gwen Stefani

Round One: Defeated Video Vigilante 610-138

Who? Honorary Oklahoman

Strength: Don't Speak

Weakness: Lives with Blake Shelton


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