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Pawhuska sub arrested for performing “Commando Cartwheel” for students…

The lady pictured above is Lacey Sponsler. She's a substitute teacher from Pawhuska. If she looks like she was just arrested for exposing herself to students while performing a cartwheel, well...

Via News on 6:

Pawhuska police arrested a 34-year-old substitute teacher Tuesday after they say she exposed herself while performing a cartwheel.

They said it happened in the junior high school choir room.

According to the Pawhuska Police Department’s Facebook page, the substitute teacher, identified as Lacey Sponsler performed a cartwheel with no undergarments on and exposed herself.

They said a student recorded it on the student’s cell phone.

I don't know about you, but I think this is kind of a hairy situation...

Normally we make fun of people who do stupid things like this, but do you really think this was intentional? Let's be honest, who hasn't forgotten that they did not put on underwear and accidentally exposed themselves to a group of teenagers while performing beginners gymnastics exercises?

Also, were any of the students really harmed or victimized by the act? Unless she slowed down and turned the cartwheel into a handstand, I doubt they really saw anything.

Here is Ms. Sponsler's excuse:

In the arrest affidavit, when questioned by police, they said Sponsler denied the incident, but when told about the cell phone video, she stated she "did not remember performing a cartwheel" or exposing herself.

Police said officers took Sponsler into custody Tuesday afternoon.

Jail records show is being held on a complaint of indecent exposure.

I don't know about you, but I think I would remember exposing my genitalia to students inside a school. Then again, I'd also probably lie about it if I was caught. You can't blame her for trying.

Anyway, I'm sure more details of this story will leak out over the next couple of days. We'll let you know if they do. We'll also be sure to monitor Dean Blevins Twitter account to see if he posts the video.


That was fast! The Smoking Gun has a more detailed account of what happened...

A 17-year-old female student told police that Sponsler “had said that she was not wearing underwear before performing the cartwheel,” which exposed her “bare vagina.” The student noted that she saw Sponsler’s “vagina open and close, as her legs were in the air.” The girl also told police that Sponsler “had been talking about using drugs” and commented on how she “thought fourteen year old boys were like men.”

When questioned by police, Sponsler initially denied performing the cartwheel in class. When told that a student captured the cartwheel in a Snapchat video, Sponsler replied that she “did not remember performing a cartwheel or exposing her vagina and buttocks.”

Sponsler told police that she was “just dancing with the students” and "trying to be a cool teacher."

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