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Mary Fallin had a bittersweet weekend…

I guess you can say it was a bittersweet weekend for Mary Fallin.

On Friday night, while thousands of Oklahoma women stayed up late making signs to take to the Women's March at the State Capitol, the first female Governor in Oklahoma history was in D.C. celebrating the inauguration of a sexist con man who, despite her early, unconditional support, still wouldn't give her job.

The whole thing was a fun family affair. Mary gathered up the first gentlemen, Hipster Boo Boo, Prince and even our old friend Princess Elizabeth, piled them into the RV, and went on an Oklahoma-style road trip to Washington. Here's a pic from the Inaugural Ball. We snagged it from Prince's Instagram...

Look at Prince with the snarky, self-deprecating Oklahoma slam! I probably would have gone with a more brutal caption like "Sadly, this is the closest mom will ever get to the Oval Office," but you know what, who cares. That's still funny. If he can come up with a couple more like that, I may have to hire him as an intern.

The inauguration activities seem to have left a mark on Mary. On Sunday, after she returned home and faced the realization that she's now stuck in Oklahoma to continue her legacy as one of the worst governors in our state's history, she tweeted a link to a self-help article titled "Stop Imitating The Habits Of Successful People: It’s Killing You."

Check it out:

Here's a link to the article. I think the author is trying to say you shouldn't follow the advice of people who sell advice, because A) it never works and B) their primary motive is make money. If only she would have seen that article earlier, maybe she would have learned that Trump is a con man and she would never really get that cushy job in his administration.

When I first saw the tweet, I nearly fired off something snarky like "That's something they won't teach you at Trump University!" but I decided not to. I didn't want to come across as discouraging. I've had my disagreements with the Governor, but even I'll admit it's time she starts reading stuff that will teach her how to improve her skills and prepare her for life after governor.

For some reason, Mary deleted the tweet not too longer after it was published. That means we're back to boring inauguration pics like this:

And this...

Anyway, I guess I should wrap this thing up. I really look forward to covering Mary Fallin over the next couple of years. Now that the inauguration is over, she can get back to what she does best: creating budget deficits.

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