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Skip Bayless thinks Skip Bayless “Is The Man!”

9:58 AM EST on December 19, 2016

skip bayless varsity high school basketball stats

One of the highlights of my obscure local social blogging career was the time the Ogle Mole Network exposed Oklahoma City's own Skip Bayless for pulling an Al Bundy and exaggerating / lying about his NW Classen high school basketball days in order to look more credible to his army of Twitter followers. Relive all the glory here.

Our report was badass. It blew up the sports blog circuit, was recognized as one of the year's top media stories by Sports Illustrated, and has inspired Internet troll after Internet troll to respond to any Bayless tweet with his Senior-year scoring average of 1.4.

As Jalen Rose sad the day after our report went live – "Water Pistol Pete Jr."

Well, it looks like Bayless can add another embarrassing social media gaffe to his resume. Last night, the talking head was blubbering about the Cowboys during a Facebook Live chat, because you know, 2016 wasn't a bad enough year already. One Internet commenter really enjoyed Skip's hot takes...

Yep, Skip Bayless is apparently the guy who has multiple social media accounts so he can prop himself up with fake positive comments, or, better yet, he has people on staff posting fake compliments in an effort to make it look like people actually enjoy his show. That's almost sad as lying about your high school basketball prowess on Twitter.

Anyway, I guess there's a chance this post could be fake and the work of malicious spam bots at ESPN or 4 Chan, but I doubt it. As we know, everything on the Internet is real and legitimate. I should know. I make millions of dollars a year writing for it.

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