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Scott Pruitt is now famous…


Ever since Donald Trump selected Oklahoma's own Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, there's been quite a bit of head-scratching on the national level. I guess you can't blame people for being confused. Pruitt – a global warming denier and shill for the oil and gas industry – likes the environment about as much Blind Date enjoys jokes about buying drugs at MWC dive bars.

On the topic of jokes about buying, selling and distributing meth, SNL made light of Pruitt's appointment in this weekend's cold open:

That's sweet. It's always fun to see Oklahoma's best and brightest not named Joe Exotic being parodied and lampooned on the national level. You're doing fine, Oklahoma! Oklahoma... OK!

The Daily Show, naturally, also skewered Pruitt's appointment:


It also got the attention of the old ladies on The View:

Joy wasn't the only famous liberal ginger boomer who thinks it's frightening that the attorney general from the Man-Made Earthquake Capital of the World is going to lead the EPA. Bette Midler tweeted her outrage:

To be clear, I think Pruitt getting the EPA gig is crazy. It would be like putting Regular Jim Traber in charge of protecting the Mazzio's pizza buffet. You know that deep down he just really wants to get in there, eat it and then shit everything out into a polluted reservoir. That being said, associating Pruitt with the rise in earthquakes is unfair. He didn't have a whole lot to do with the crisis, or the power to do much about it. Don't get me wrong. I seriously doubt he would have done anything if he had that power, but it is something to point out.

Anyway, this will obviously not be the last time we see Pruitt mocked and ridiculed in the mainstream media. Comedians, Hollywood liberals and smartish people have always had a hard-on for protecting the world we live in, and according to the Ogle Mole Network, the Pruitt camp is expecting a very contentious and heated confirmation process in the Senate. Remember, it only takes one Senator to bog the whole process down, and many people are expecting that to happen. It's one reason why Pruitt is holding off on resigning his position as Attorney General, something that he doesn't have to do until he's confirmed. Hopefully the jokes keep rolling.

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