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7 Reasons to Vote “Yes” for SQ 777…


Over the next couple of weeks, we will be providing a list of reasons to vote for and against some of the important state questions on this year's ballot. We start things off with SQ 777.

Known as "Right to Farm" by supporters, "Right to Harm" by opponents, and "Right to Charm" by moms who own Pandora bracelets, SQ 777 will essentially prohibit Oklahoma lawmakers from enacting any new laws, rules or regulations on farms "unless the law is justified by a compelling state interest."

Here's the gist via Ballotpedia:

This measure adds a new section of law to the State Constitution. It adds Section 38 to Article 2. It protects the rights of citizens and lawful residents to engage in farming and ranching practices. It prohibits the Legislature from passing laws that would take away the right to employ agricultural technology and livestock production without a compelling state interest. It provides for interpretation of the section.

That's cool! I think I speak for everyone when I say it will be nice to finally have a guaranteed, constitutional right to be a farmer or rancher, because you know, that's something that's never been allowed in Oklahoma.

Anyway, here's a list of 7 reasons to vote "Yes" for SQ 777...


1. The smell of hog farms in the morning really turns you on

Mmmn. Outside of driving by the Purina factory in Edmond, nothing smells better than the biological waste produced by an Oklahoma pig farm after a fresh slaughter. Considering SQ 777 will limit Oklahoma's ability to regulate pig farms, including the disgusting, inhumane ones where they lock sows into gestation crates, that means we'll probably get more hog farms popping up in Oklahoma. I think we all can agree that's a good thing.



2. You’re a big fan of ALEC

SQ 777 was inspired and put together by the corporate bill mill ALEC... or Alec Baldwin. I get them confused. They're both pretty awesome.



3. It will keep the Government from snooping around your Listeria farm.



4. You picked SQ 777 to win your “Which Oklahoma Law Will Be Ruled Unconstitutional Next” office pool

I don't know if SQ 777 is unconstitutional, but I do know there will probably be a legal challenge against it if it becomes law. Considering most Oklahoma laws are eventually ruled unconstitutional, and some of the language in SQ 777 is incredibly vague, there's a chance that might actually happen.



5. It will help grow Oklahoma's puppy mill industry

According to Barry Switzer, SQ 777 will help jumpstart and help protect Oklahoman's puppy mill industry. That's bad news if you like dogs, and/or care about animal welfare and safety, but it's awesome news if you're an asshole who hates puppies.



6. You think 777 has something to do with improving casino jackpots

Seriously, I wonder how many folks are going to vote "Yes" on this because they see the numbers 777. Also, isn't it about time that we let tribal casinos also serve as polling stations? If that doesn't get people to come out and vote in Oklahoma, I don't know what will.



7. You think certain industries should be exempt from oversight and regulation because you hate the government.

I've been having a difficult time understanding the fundamental logic or reasoning behind SQ 777, which is probably due to the fact that SQ 777 is based more on anti-government fear and hysteria than true logic or reasoning. Seriously, SQ 777 just doesn't make sense. Why would anyone want to limit our government's ability to regulate an industry. It just doesn't make sense, especially when you consider...

A) All the technological advancements that will affect farming in the future.

B) More and more farms are now being funded and operated by greedy multinational corporations, which as we all know, usually care about making money that doing what's best for the people.


Anyway, that's our list of 7 reasons to Vote Yes for SQ 777. If you'd like to share a couple of you own, leave a comment. Also, check back next week for 7 reasons to vote "No."

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