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OSU finally won a football National Championship!!!


Fire your pistols, hug your goats and kiss your cousins! It's finally happened. Squinky has been vanquished! Following a resounding defeat of the St. Mary's Gaels, THE Oklahoma A&M State Cowboys are your 1945 College Football National Champions!

Via News 9:

Oklahoma State Retroactively Named 1945 Football National Champs

Oklahoma State has officially been awarded the 1945 football national championship after a review by the American Football Coaches Association, it announced today.

The AFCA established a panel of national championship coaches to retroactively select the winners from 1922 (when the AFCA was founded) to 1949 (the year before the Coaches’ Poll was first published). Oklahoma A&M went 9-0 in 1945 and was led by consensus All-American halfback Bob “Blond Bomber” Fenimore and coached by Jim Lookabaugh.

The 1945 season kicked off just three weeks after Japan’s surrender to effectively end World War II. The A&M team had several war veterans on the roster.

As Russell Westbrook would say, that's cute! Now instead of dreaming about the day OSU finally wins a National Championship, fans, players and alumni can fantasize about the day Oklahoma State breaks its 71-year National Championship title drought. It feels so good, doesn't it?

Because Oklahoma State is the same school that gives out championship rings for winning the Big 12 South, and has a massive inferiority complex when it comes to football, they've already had a trophy made and delivered to Stillwater.

Check it out:

Are you kidding me? Where are we at in society today? This makes me wanna puke... while laughing uncontrollably. They really had a trophy made!? That's about as sad as sending yourself flowers for Valentine's Day, or building a football stadium that runs east to west.

Okay... okay... I'm just picking on the little brother here. I actually think this is cool, and seriously want to congratulate Boone Pickens, Regular Jim Traber, Clark Matthews and all other OSU fans around the globe for this accomplishment. It's about time OSU become a championship caliber football program. Welcome to the big time. I hope it was worth the wait.

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