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We missed Guymon’s “Toss The Redskins” week…

2:14 PM EDT on September 12, 2016


Although I've never been to Guymon, it looks like a fun place to visit. In addition to being the home of The Pioneer Days Celebration, the panhandle metropolis has no shortage of pig farms, desolate landscapes, angry ranchers and politically incorrect school competitions to keep you entertained.

For example, this past Friday the Guymon Tigers played the Liberal (KS) Redskins for homecoming. To get students, parents and alumni excited for the big game, Guymon High School threw a "Toss The Redskins" salad-theme week where students were encouraged to dress in costumes inspired by what type of salad dressing was being served in the school cafeteria for that a particular game. And no, I'm not making that up.

Check this out:


That's a great idea. Nothing screams school spirit – and honors our country's fine history of treating indigenous peoples with class and respect – than wearing a Toga and ordering a Caesar salad for "Toss The Redskins" week. I heard that on Western-style Wednesday they gave you an extra-cup of ranch dressing if you brought along a headdress, buffalo hide or miniature teepee.

Really, "Toss The Redskins" week? It's a shame Guymon doesn't play Beaver or Hooker in football. I'd love to see what themes they'd come up with for those big games. For the Hooker match, maybe they could have students dress up as their favorite prostitutes from American cinema. For example, Monday could be "Pretty Woman" day and they could serve escargot in the cafeteria. There would be many options for Beaver, too. I'd suggest they call it the "Beaver Bash." That has a nice ring to it.

Anyway, I'm not sure what's funnier about this whole thing. Is it that Guymon public schools administrators are so out-of-touch with today's ultra-politically correct society that they okayed a "Toss The Redskins" theme for spirit week, or is that they had students dress up in salad-dressing inspired costumes to get pumped up for a football game? I'd go with the latter. Guymon lost 14-0.

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