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Weather Dongs have entered a new dimension…

I hope you had a nice Memorial Day Weekend. Outside of the Thunder's all too predictable collapse, mine was okay. The weather was decent, I got a little vegetable garden going, and on Sunday night, we were blessed with one of the greatest severe weather dongs of the modern era:

3d weather dong

Simply amazing. It's like the Avatar of weather dongs. It's groundbreaking, and from here on out, phallic weather radar imagery will never be the same. KFOR should host a special viewing of it in IMAX 3D at Quail Springs Mall.

Here's a closer look:

aron bracket weather dong

See what I mean. That' stunning. Even Aaron Bracket is impressed with the size, shape and scope of that thing. Although we don't have video of the weather dong developing on radar, I heard that Aaron was impressed with the girth of the shaft, and noted how the whole thing kind of resembles the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

P.s. – If you heart weather dongs, check out the finalists from our 2014 Severe Weather Dong Contest. Most of the entries were traditional 2D Doppler Dongs, but they're still worth admiring.

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