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Kevin Durant is an ambulance chaser…

kd ferrari

Kevin Durant proved he's a normal, selfish, Ferrari-driving human being like the rest of us this past weekend when photos surfaced on Twitter of him using an opportune ambulance to cut in line in traffic. Because any event that includes the name "Kevin Durant" is a news story for our desperate news media, they sent their news teams out to investigate. The verdict? KD is a hometown hero.

Check out this absurd report from Joleen Chaney and News 9:

Kevin Durant Clears Path For Paramedics Responding To An Emergency

EMSA paramedics trying to get through rush hour traffic were in for quite the surprise after a famous driver helped them get to not only one but two emergencies on time.

They say that thoughtful driver was Kevin Durant.

"We were stuck in traffic, so pretty much cars surrounding us all over,” EMSA paramedic Peter Radford said. "All of a sudden, I see a silver Ferrari or a silver sports car pull in behind us."

Before Radford knew it, the lanes of traffic started clearing.

"I see this Ferrari has it's flashers on,” he said. “It's actually making way for us to get through and navigate all the traffic."

The paramedics were finally making their way to the emergency.

"Once we actually get through all the traffic, this silver Ferrari comes over to the side and waves to my partner,” Radford said. "And my partner goes 'Do you have any idea who that is?' And of course I'm clueless. 'That's Kevin Durant.'"

"He waves to me. I just thought that was so cool that someone like Kevin Durant would take the time to assist this emergency vehicle getting to an emergency call,” Radford said.

So Kevin Durant cleared a path for an ambulance... by following the ambulance through traffic congestion? Uhm, how exactly does that work?

"Honey, do see that ambulance behind with the lights flashing?

"Yes, I do. I hear the sirens, too."

"Well, there's a Ferrari behind it with its lights on. We better pull over and let them pass."

Yeah, this doesn't make any sense. First of all, I have 22 years driving experience. I'm pretty sure everyone pulls over and / or tries to make room for an ambulance during a traffic jam. Second, how the fuck do you clear a path for an ambulance when you're driving behind it? From the perspective of an outsider who is not trying to spin a feel good story for simpletons who watch local TV news, it seems more like KD was using the ambulance to sneak through traffic. That can't be the case, right?

Well, check this out:

Not only did they make it to that emergency on time, but paramedics even made it to a second call; a girl who traveled to Oklahoma for cancer treatment.

"And they'd been all the way here from London,” Radford said. “So it's this positive ripple effect that you might not even realize by doing these little acts of kindness."

Simple things many of us don't think twice about no matter who we are.

"I saw the ambulance from behind me, and it was kind of slow in front of me, and I moved over. I said, 'I'm just going to follow the ambulance so I can get through traffic real quick,'” Kevin Durant said. "So I moved over. I can't take full credit for that."

"All he did was be awesome Kevin Durant,” Radford said. “The hometown hero."

Holy shit. That's hysterical. KD basically admitted to being a selfish dick who wanted to use an ambulance to get through traffic, and the media still portrayed him as a "hometown hero." Hell, they even gave him credit for helping deliver a cancer patient to the hospital. This guy can do no wrong. He could get caught reusing his plate at Golden Corral and the media would praise him for helping save the environment. Seriously, I wonder what's next? Kevin Durant being lauded for slowing down in a school zone or waving someone through a four-way stop. It wouldn't surprise me. They're both more heroic and gracious than tailgating an ambulance through a traffic jam.

Here are a few other notes:

• Channel 9 wasn't the only outlet that tried to spin this non-news event into a feel good news story. Channel 4 did the same thing. However, they were probably so embarrassed by the coverage that they didn't include a write-up. It's video only.

• The story hit the clickbait news circuit. They took the bait hook, link and sinker. Headlines include "Kevin Durant Is OKC's Real-Life Hero After Assisting Ambulance," "Kevin Durant came to the rescue for an ambulance caught in traffic," and Kevin Durant came to the rescue for an ambulance caught in traffic."

That being said, a few outlets noticed the absurdity. UpWhatever did "This Story Of Kevin Durant Helping An Ambulance Through A Traffic Jam Makes No Sense," and The New York Post went with "Kevin Durant hailed as ‘hero’ for trying to beat OKC traffic."

Here's video of Kevin Durant talking about the experience. He even laughs at the star struck ambulance drivers who were a bit too eager to turn this non-news story into a story. You can tell he thinks the whole thing is absurd.

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