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Mary Fallin has officially endorsed Donald Trump for President…

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Last week, Donald Trump suggested via a subtweet that Mary Fallin would make a great VP candidate. Here's a snippet:

You have to wonder if Mary would take the job if Trump offered it to her. She’s probably dumb enough to do it, but you have to remember she’s an establishment Republican at her core. She’s essentially made of fracking fluid, corporate subsidies and Devon Energy Talking Points. Would Larry Nichols really want his creation to join the campaign of a bigoted angry populist?

Well, I guess I was right. She is dumb enough to do it.

Earlier today, Mary Fallin – the Governor who can't remember the three branches of government, let her daughter move a trailer into the front yard of the Governor's mansion, took a pic with a guy wearing a Mary Failin shirt, created one of the worst economic and budgetary crises in state history, supported the mass flunking of third graders, and finally, helped make Oklahoma the earthquake capital of the United States – endorsed Donald Trump for President.

She also said she'd be happy to be his Vice President.


Gov. Mary Fallin is offering her enthusiastic endorsement of Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, saying she supports the New York billionaire "100 percent."

Fallin also said Wednesday she's honored to be mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate and would be happy to consider such an offer.

Fallin said her priority is to elect a conservative, pro-business Republican who is strong on national defense, and that she believes Trump is that candidate.

That's not surprising. As most people know, Donald Trump does great with uneducated, easy-to-dupe simpletons. You know, like those people who buy the extended warranty at Bob Mills, make rip-off Olive Garden salad dressing or get engaged at the Playboy Mansion.

Also, Remember when Chris Christie endorsed the Donald and we were treated to one of the greatest press conferences of all time? Why don't we get that luxury? I'd love to see the blank stares and Xanax-induced smiles Mary makes while daydreaming about all the free travel and Botox she'd get as Vice President. We never get nice things in Oklahoma.

Here's the rest of the story:

The two-term governor has not previously endorsed any of the GOP candidates for governor. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas won Oklahoma's March presidential primary with 34 percent of the vote over Trump, who was second.

Fallin said she hasn't been contacted by Trump or anyone with his campaign about running as vice president.

I'm not sure what the timeline is for Donald's VP selection, but once again, please please please make it happen. Once again, the biggest positive about Mary being a VP or cabinet pick (I wonder how much Larry Nichols, Harold Hamm and the rest of the Oklahoma Energy Mafia would pay to make Mary Fallin the Secretary of Energy) is that she'd have to step down as Governor. That means some guy named Todd Lamb would be the next CEO of our state. I'm not sure who Todd Lamb is or if he even exists, but he can't do any worse... right? Actually, he probably could. In this great state, there's always a dumber fish.

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