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Aaron Tuttle’s lawsuit against us has been dismissed…

tuttle tornado

Score one for the good guys!

In what's being a hailed as a major victory for obscure local social bloggers and tanning bed opponents everywhere, the totally honorable and awesome Judge Barbara Swinton has dismissed diabolical Facebook weatherman Aaron Tuttle's lawsuit against us. Although we still don't know the reasoning, she made the decision last week without a hearing. You can check out the entire case summary here.

Let's celebrate the news by watching Aaron Tuttle's new weather app television commercial:

Yeah, that's amazing. Aaron Tuttle now has TV commercials for his weather app. I'm surprised he put on the shirt / tie combo from Burlington and didn't go with the blue Daisy Duke gym shorts. Regardless, I'd recommend downloading it. Aaron Tuttle is the cool, calm, collected, 100% totally rational and emotionally stable guy you want providing life-saving weather info this upcoming severe storm season.

Anyway, this is great news for us. I'd first like to thank Doug, Jordan and Evan with Dunlap Codding for getting the ridiculous, never should have been filed lawsuit dismissed. We are forever indebted to them and promise to never make fun of a Glitter Ball. Reading the legal filings in this case was like watching Villanova - Oklahoma, only not as sad and crushing. It was total domination. If you ever get sued for "conversion" by an overly-emotional Facebook weatherman, or need to patent an invention or idea, stop by their office on Film Row. You may see me outside cleaning their windows and mopping their floors.

Aaron has responded to the judge's decision in the most Aaron Tuttle way possible. Check out the Vaguebook status he posted on his Weatherman page:

aaron tuttle

Wait. My bad. That's one of the images that's clearly visible from Aaron Tuttle's "private" Facebook page. You know, the one he claimed in legal filings was locked down with the highest privacy settings. Not to be overly helpful to a guy who wasted my time and his with a frivolous lawsuit, but maybe Aaron should double-check his Facebook privacy stuff. Also, he may want to have a doctor take a peek at that vein running down the center of his forehead. It looks dangerous.

Here's the Facebook status:

aaron tuttle quote

You know what, that's actually some good advice. I hope Aaron "doesn't dwell on the past," moves on, and doesn't do something stupid like try to appeal the judge's decision. I also agree that "you must forgive yourself and others." That's why today I officially forgive Aaron Tuttle for filing his frivolous lawsuit, issuing an illegitimate DMCA claim against our hosting provider, trying to get a church minister fired for retweeting one of our articles about him (seriously), and emailing us back in 2008 to get the name of the person who sent us pics from Maggie Carlo's going away party:

tuttle email

For the record, Aaron Tuttle didn't send us the pics. Forgive him Maggie Carlo!

Anyway, I guess we'll keep you updated if anything new develops. I'm pretty sure we're going to try and recover legal fees under the Oklahoma Citizens Protection Act. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to leave condolences for Aaron on his public figure Facebook. He's so vain and egotistical, losing must be hard on him. Make sure to get a screenshot before he deletes it.

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