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Lucas Ross is a really odd guy…


I've been working at KFOR for nearly three months now. During that time, I've met a lot of cool, interesting people. I've also met Lorne Fultonberg.

One of my favorite co-workers at the station is Freedom 43 star Lucas Ross. Although he follows around Linda, Kevin and Kent like that tomboy in Westside Story asking to be included in their gang, he's actually a pretty cool dude and very nice guy. Before he goes home each afternoon, he always plays a few tunes on the banjo for the Social Media Bandits and gives them leftover bread. The lilliputian also makes sure that Emily Sutton's she-shed is in tip-top shape and always stocked with a wide variety of Riesling. As I said, he's really nice guy.

Knowing all that, I was kind of shocked to read this post about Lucas on the Oklahoma City Reddit page:

lucas ross really odd guy

Wow, that's kind of hard to believe. I guess it should be, because it's actually a pretty common Reddit / 4chan / message board hoax people toss around about celebrities. I would have told you this earlier, but I really wanted you to click "Read More" for the extra pageview.

Anyway, I guess my question about this is why is Lucas Ross on the Internet starting silly rumors about himself? It has to be him, right? Like any other normal human being would be sitting around their living room on a Wednesday night and think "I'm bored. Maybe I should write a hoax about Lucas Ross and put it on Reddit?" Okay, that's kind of trick question. We know that normal people do not use Reddit.

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