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Joe Exotic is giving away free condoms to children…

joe exotic

Oklahoma's favorite tiger-loving, gun-wielding, probably-gay-porn-making presidential candidate Joe Exotic is in the news again.

Fortunately, this time around nobody has been mauled by a tiger, ostrich or Joe Exotic music video. Joe's simply in trouble for passing out his Tiger King condoms to curious children who were at the GW Exotic Animal Park for a Spring Break field trip.

KFOR has all the details:

A grandmother is concerned after condoms were reportedly handed out at a local zoo.

Now, she claims the self proclaimed 'Tiger King', better known as Joe Exotic, has some explaining to do...

The Oklahoma presidential candidate is the operator of the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoo, located near Wynnewood.

The exotic animal park is a pristine spot for a child's spring break.

"Just spring break, we're getting them out of the house, take them out there," said Casey Harris.

Harris's 7-year-old daughter and a friend were taken to the zoo by their grandmothers, where they said Maldonado stopped by for a quick speech.

Because it's my job, I've had to watch a few of Joe Exotic's speeches over the years. The guy is as good as quick speeches as The Sports Animal is fast commercial breaks.

"He comes out to give his little spiel, and he used a little off color language," said one of the grandmothers, who wished to remain anonymous.

But, on the topic of his presidential run, she said the speech took a suggestive turn.

"Says that we need some of these buttons, and starts pitching them up in the crowd, to all ages of the children," she said. "A friend of mine, her granddaughter picks one up off the ground, and it's a condom."

It wasn't just any condom.

It was a 'Tiger King' condom, complete with directions of use on the back.

"They wanted to know ‘Why can’t we have it?'" she said. "All we could think of was, 'It's for little boys.'"

It's for the little boys? Holy shit, I wish this lady was my grandma!

"If you're a good boy rake the leaves Grandma will take you to the grocery store to pick up your favorite box of cereal or condoms!"

Come on, Grandma! You have to be little more quick on your feet than that! She should have said the condoms were water balloons, special rubber bands of snake jackets. She also should have checked the Yelp! reviews, because Joe Exotic has been doing this for years:

Maldonado told NewsChannel 4 the condom tossing has been part of his zoo presentations for years.

It's used as an ice breaker between he and the crowd, which includes people of all ages.

He said he doesn't plan to stop the presentation any time soon.

Uhm, he passed out condoms to people as an icebreaker? I may try that the next time I go out for a first date. It's probably better than my usual tactic of giving my word to stop at third. Seriously, I thought icebreakers were supposed to make people feel comfortable. Did he also challenge a couple of kids to sword fighting duels with dildos? Maybe next time he should just throw the kids a bag of his nut munch or cherry balls. Actually, he should probably just stick with condoms.

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