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Jack and Ron have left KISS FM…


If you're one of those sad, depressing souls who listens to morning radio on your sad, depressing drive to work and while sitting in your sad, depressing cubicle, we have some sad, depressing news for you.

Earlier this week, local radio legends Jack "Damn" Elliot and Ron "Damn" Williams signed off from their long time home at 98.9 KISS FM. If this upsets you, don't worry. They're taking their wild and crazy antics, fake laughter, and maybe even "Too Tough Trivia" over to 96.9 FM, which is now Oklahoma City's "Classic Rock" leader. In fact, the station is such a leader in the classic rock genre that it's playing wall-to-wall Christmas music all month long. Be sure to pass that info to your mom, she'll appreciate it.

Here's a video of Jack and Ron discussing the news:

ICYMI: Our big announcement

Posted by Jack and Ron on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Did you hear that? They're apparently building an entire radio station around Jack and Ron! Wow. I guess terrestrial radio is going the way of the dinosaur even faster than we anticipated. In 10 years, expect Jack and Ron to be displayed at the Oklahoma History Center next to a typewriter, America Online CDs and 1.800.Collect commercials.

With Jack and Ron leaving for their own station, it means there's an opening at KISS FM. These are the folks replacing them. Get ready to feel old.

joey wild2

Yep, Joey, Heather and Nugget from WILD 104.9 are moving over to KISS FM. They're trading Bruno Mars for, well, Bruno Mars. That's awesome. I doubt I'll listen to them at KISS either, but that's fine because they don't read this blog. I'm especially happy for my Clash of Clans clanmate Joey. He's one of the best Clashers in Oklahoma City. He's sent me scores of Wizards, P.E.K.K.As and even Lava Hounds over the years, and always makes sure to get in his two war attacks.

Check out his village:

joey clash

See what I mean? It's solid.

Here's Spencer's village:

soggy clash

I like his cute little purple walls. The next one is mine. I honestly haven't played in a couple of months...

lothar clash

By the way, have I mentioned we're all massive nerds?

Anyway, I think this move is a step up for Joey, Heather and Nugget. Well, at least it is when you look at the age of their new audience demographics. I'd like to congratulate them, and also wish Jack and Ron the best of luck with their own radio station. With the way things are going, expect Rick and Brad to get their own theatre very soon.

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