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Mary Fallin likes deadly ice cream…

10:56 AM EST on November 3, 2015

And we wonder why our state has an obesity problem.

Yesterday, Mary Fallin shared the following pic on Twitter. Apparently, she's a big fan of Blue Bell Ice Cream, which is kind of like admitting that you eat blowfish, undercooked chicken, Little Caesar's pizza or any other food that can kill you.

Can that photo be anymore staged? I like how they included a bunch of red folders to give the impression that Mary is actually working.

Anyway, that's great. Our governor is "very excited" that an ice cream company that literally poisoned and killed people is back in your grocer's freezer. Hopefully Ford never brings back the Pinto or Mary will offer them state tax credits to build the car here.

Also, isn't this a slap in the face to Braum's? They're an Oklahoma company and their ice cream hasn't killed anyone... yet. In fact, that should probably be their new slogan. When Braum's fires up some new commercials in 25 years they should look into adopting it.

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