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H&8th is kind of going away…


It's a sad day for people who like to stand in line for food.

H & 8th, the popular food truck festival that took over Midtown on the final Friday of each month, has announced it is doing away with the monthly format and transitioning to an annual event.

Here are the details from an obviously distraught Steve Lackmeyer:

Life isn't fair.

First they blow up our historic buildings. Now they're destroying our access to food trucks.

H&8th, the food truck festival that grew from humble beginnings four years ago to an event that draws crowds of up to 45,000, is ending its monthly run next week.

Laura Massenat, co-founder of H&8th, said the festival will be resumed as a once-a-year event to coincide with the annual Pro-Am bike races in Midtown.

Yes, bike races. Are they trying to make the event even worse? What's next. Unicycle competitions?

Okay, I may have added a few lines of text to the Lackmeyer column to make it interesting. Sorry.

Anyway, I'm not sure what to think about this. I liked having H&8th as a monthly event. As long as you were not too hungry, it was fun. At the very least, it definitely made Oklahoma City look and feel cooler. As we all know, getting drunk in public and waiting outside in the heat for fried food is what they do in other "Big League Cities," right?

Also, what will people now do for their food truck fix? I guess they'll have to go to Bleu Garten or any of the dozens of other competing food truck festivals that spawned to life after the success of H&8th.

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