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State GOP elects new leader to offend and embarrass everyone…

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Back in September, Randy Brogdon stepped down as Chairman of the Oklahoma GOP after a controversial reign that included choosing a person with a history of domestic violence to serve as his chief lieutenant, and posting insulting memes on Facebook that compared providing food stamps to lower-income Oklahomans with feeding wild animals at national parks.

As a replacement, the state party had a couple of choices. One of them was State GOP Vice-Chair Estella Hernandez. She served as the interim chairman once Brogdon stepped down. As a naturalized immigrant from El Salvador, she gave Oklahoma Republicans the rare opportunity to show some diversity and defy the common stereotype that most of them are angry, white, women-hating racists.

The other option was Pam Pollard. She is the President of the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women. She also probably sews her own clothes. Remember her? We've written about Pam a few times. Just like Randy Brogdon, she likes to show her insanity on Facebook. For example:

ok federation of women posts
pam pollard facebook post

Let's ignore the racist post that tries to compare providing public assistance and opportunity to lower-income minority groups to the lynchings and institutional racism of the south. Pam blamed that gaffe on someone else. What blows my mind is that Pam Pollard, the leader of a women's political group, dreams of a society where dads work all day while moms stay at home and teach their kids from the bible. Are we sure her group is called "The OK Federation of Republican Women?" I think a more fitting title would be "The OK Federation of Republican Women Who Want To Set Back Women 500 Years."

Anyway, the State GOP had a big meeting on Sunday to vote for their new chairman. Guess who won.


After a flap involving extra cast ballots, the Oklahoma Republican Party named Pam Pollard as its new chairman.

Pollard, of Midwest City, received 163 votes at the state committee meeting Sunday afternoon at Oklahoma City Community College.

Estela Hernandez, the interim chairman, received 115 votes, while Robert Hubbard came in with 77 votes.

The total number of votes came to 355, but there were only 339 credentialed voters on site. An additional 16 votes were cast, a discrepancy of about 4.7 percent of the total expected votes.

Heh. No wonder the State GOP is worried about voter fraud. It's rampant in their own elections!

Seriously, though, what an embarrassment. I have no clue what Estella's thoughts are on the issues, but they must have been somewhat mainstream and normal if she lost the election to Pam Pollard. Maybe some members of the state GOP are still not comfortable with putting a Latino in a leadership position. It wouldn't surprise me. Instead of going with the fresh new face that embraces diversity and points to a new direction, they doubled-down on the crazy. I guess if it aint broke, don't fix it.

KFOR interviewed Pollard at their station on Sunday. They asked her what she'll do as chairman. I shit you not, this is what she said:

I'd like to focus a lot on modernizing – modernizing our message, modernizing the way we do things. 

Yep, the woman who openly dreams of a utopia where women abandon their own ambitions and careers to serve their husbands and teach their children wants to modernize the GOP's message and way they do things. I call total BS on that. If that's what she wants to accomplish, she would have voted for Estella Hernandez.

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