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Even the Satanists don’t like Mary Fallin…

12:17 PM EDT on October 9, 2015

fallin baphomet

Based on her accomplishments as Governor, you would think national satanic groups would be big supporters of Mary Fallin. It would make sense. From flunking third graders to screwing over the poor to ignoring CMZ codes to not being ashamed of Playboy to botching good old-fashioned Potassium-based executions, they share common ground on many issues.

But as we're used to seeing in politics, one issue tears them apart. Apparently, Mary Fallin's goal of turning Oklahoma into the nation's first Christian theocracy has rubbed some groups like the Satanic Temple the wrong way. They're mad she wants to change the Oklahoma constitution to help get the 10 Commandments Monument back on the capitol's steps.

Via Raw Story:

“Proselytizing politicians with a self-serving, laughably contorted view of the First Amendment have become an epidemic in the United States that is in desperate need of being addressed,” wrote [Satanic] Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves in an email to Raw Story. “We ignore Mary Fallin’s expensive and pointless buffoonery at our own peril. She’s not only a disgrace to Oklahoma, she’s a disgrace to the entire nation.”

Greaves called Fallin and politicians like her a threat to the principles the nation was founded on.

“Fallin, and the many like her who now populate our offices of public service with a focused agenda to establish theocratic norms, threaten our very foundations, and it’s well past time that they should bear consequences for — not only a failure to uphold their oaths of office — but their attempts to actively undermine them,” he wrote.

Greaves said Fallin’s call to allow the public to “vote as to whether or not they will continue to respect the Constitution, demonstrates how unfit she is for office.”

He said she should be removed from office because “Oklahoma deserves better.”

"She has an egregious and embarrassing misunderstanding of how the political process works, the system of checks and balances, and a grossly misguided sense of even the appropriate activities of a public official… While I’m certain that Fallin’s call to reestablish a home for the 10 Commandments on Capitol grounds will result in failure, the entire nation should unite in urging her removal from office."

Oklahoma is such a weird state. Someday I want to live in a place where I'm not taking the side of satirical devil worshippers over that of my Governor.

Even though the people behind the Satanic Temple are not true satanists, the Devil was apparently on hand at the 10 Commandments monument removal ceremony. It was covered like the end of the world by the local media on Monday night. He used his powers to twist and contort shadows and scare people before they went to sleep. Here's a pic:

monument removal

Ok everyone, I've posted the photo. You can now stop sending it to me. We get it. It's funny because the shadows look like two dudes banging each other behind the Governor's Mansion pavilion. Although it's a little juvenile, we should be thankful the devil has such a good sense of humor about the saga. It could have been worse.

Thanks for reading!

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