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There was a wedding at the Governor’s Mansion over the weekend..

11:04 AM EDT on September 28, 2015

Don't worry. Christina Fallin didn't get married at the Governor's Mansion. At least we think she didn't. You never know with that Hipster Boo Boo.

Adam Christensen – Mary Fallin's "31-year-old engaged stepson who lived in a garage apartment at the mansion" from Trailergate fame – got hitched on Saturday night. From all accounts, it was a beautiful, lavish, loving affair. Here's a pic of the couple:


Okay, wrong couple. That's an Instagram of the wedding planners with their "mainstream faces." Yes, Christina Fallin has now apparently added wedding planner to her growing list of occupations. Considering I didn't see any examples of international art, Native American headdresses or goth hipster pink and black rose centerpieces in the wedding photos, I question how much of the planning she was involved with.

The bride was local model and I'm-pretty-sure-now-retired-Ogle Mole Elizabeth Proctor. Here's a pic:

elizabeth ogle

Okay, that's technically not a pic from the wedding. It's a pic of Elizabeth holding a caricature sketch she drew of me about 4 or 5 years ago at a friend's wedding shower at my parents' house.

Yeah, it's official. Oklahoma City is the smallest damn big league city in the world. I know Elizabeth through my sister-in-law's sister who also just happens to be my former roommate's wife. Get that? She's a cool girl. We're not best friends or anything like that, but as PC West graduates who share a common love for Salt N Peppa and our old school spirit OJ, we bonded.

Elizabeth may look familiar to you. That's because she has the look... that legacy look.

Yep, she's the Legacy Cleaner's girl. I guess that means the Fallin family now gets a discount on dry cleaning. The rich get all the breaks.

As I mentioned, Elizabeth is cool. As a token of appreciation for not inviting me to the wedding, I'm not going to make fun of her for marrying some handsome, connected, affluent Eddie Bauer model. I'm also not going to whine and complain that they had a wedding at the mansion. It's Mary's home. If she wants to host her stepson's wedding at her residence, that's fine. Having a big fancy nice house is a perk of being Governor. As long as taxpayers didn't pay for it, it doesn't violate any Capitol Medical Center Zoning Codes, and I'm friends with one of the people involved, why get riled up around it?

Here's a real pic of the couple that I swiped from Elizabeth's Instagram:

elizabeth proctor

Ah... young love. Isn't it great? We wish Elizabeth and Adam the best in their holy matrimony. Hopefully they have a long, happy, quiet, uneventful marriage, and I'm never put in the awkward position of having to write about them ever again. Basically, I hope they wear mainstream faces.

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