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The Oklahoma GOP is now hiring…

11:00 AM EDT on September 3, 2015

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Do you believe the government should stay out of the private lives of people unless they're violating your own personal religious and moral code? Do you think homosexuals are second class people not deserving of the same rights and protections as all other citizens? Do you think forced public prayer should still be allowed in public schools? Do you support unconstitutional legislation that will be overturned by the courts? Do you lack empathy for welfare recipients and like to publicly compare them to bison, deer, bears and other animals found at our national parks???

If so, do we have a great opportunity for you! The Oklahoma GOP is looking for a new chairman!


Oklahoma Republican Party officials say state chairman Randy Brogdon plans to resign his position.

GOP Vice Chair Estela Hernandez told The Associated Press Brogdon called her yesterday to confirm he is stepping down before he sent an email announcing a state committee meeting next Saturday to elect a new state GOP chairman.

“This is an official call from Chairman Randy Brogdon for a State Committee Meeting to be held on Saturday September 12th, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. at the Hope Community Worship Center located at 8304 S. 107th E. Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma,” the email said. “The purpose of this State Committee Meeting is to elect a new State Chairman.”

Hernandez said she intends to run for the chairman's post.

That's cool. In case you care, this is future "Hot Girl Friday" nominee Estela Hernandez:


Uhm, can someone give Estela a call, because I think she may have signed up for the wrong political party. Seriously, why would a strong Latina woman want to be a Republican in Oklahoma? I know Oklahoman's get a kick out of voting against their own self interests, but that's ridiculous. The Oklahoma GOP likes Latinos and women about as much as Jenni Carlson likes paragraphs and insightful sports commentary. Is she a crusader trying to change the stodgy platform of an out-of-touch party, or is she chemically imbalanced and just a bit crazy? I guess we'll find out soon.

Here's what Biggest Loser participant Keith Gaddie had to say about the news:

University of Oklahoma political scientist Keith Gaddie called the move peculiar, saying the election announcement came before anyone realized the party needed a new leader.

“No explanation had been offered at the time the election was called. It was sent out in an email. It was really very much a surprise,” Gaddie said. “It seems to cap off what has been a very weird four months of Randy Brogdon’s chairmanship of the state GOP.”

Ha. "Weird" four months? That's an understatement. Does Keith Gaddie collect Christmas cards from Randy Brogdon or something? More accurate descriptors would be "embarrassing," "disastrous," "incredibly awful" or "totally fucked up beyond belief."

A former state GOP vice chairman and the president of the Oklahoma Federation for Republican Women says she doesn't think an election can be held on September 12 without violating party rules.

In a Facebook post last night, Pam Pollard pointed out rule 10 of the Oklahoma Republican Party bylaws says if the State Chairman resigns, the committee must have at least 30 days’ notice before the meeting to elect a new leader is held. Normal state committee meetings only require 10 days’ notice.

Heh, Randy Brogdon is such a colossal screw up that he can't even resign properly. Also, why didn't he wait until the Friday before a three-day holiday weekend to schedule the meeting. If he did that, nobody would notice.

Anyway, I'm actually pulling for Pam Pollard to win the nomination. I think she's the type of Republican Woman who knits her own bedazzled vests and jean dresses, and will keep up the time-honored Oklahoma GOP tradition of showing how out-of-touch they are with the rest of society on Facebook:

ok federation of women posts

Come on Pam. Run for chairman. We need the material.

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