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Meg Alexander is returning to TV news

meg alexander

Pop open your favorite bottle of Relax, sing the National Anthem, and let the good times roll. Everyone's favorite local suburban news mom is returning to the news!

We have learned through the Ogle Mole Network that former KFOR anchor Meg Alexander is joining the team at KOKH Fox 25. She will be co-anchoring a new "lifestyles" show called "Living Oklahoma." It will air each weekday from 10am to 11am, and much like the Today Show or any other morning news program that covers "lifestyles," will probably be unbearable to watch if you're not a mom over the age of 40.

Here's a tweet by the station's evening anchor Mike Brooks that confirms the news:

Mike Brooks used the word "Yahoo" in a sentence. I think Meg Alexander is going to fit in very well.

Anyway, I contacted Meg to find out more about the show, what it means for her burgeoning career as a car commercial spokesperson, and if she'll hire me as a weatherman, but she never got back with me. That's cool. She was probably too busy cutting out coupons and looking for story ideas on Pinterest.

Regardless, this is great news. Sure, Meg Alexander can be a little bit over the top and always seems a little sloshed, but as I always say, that's what makes her so great. It's part of her personality. She reminds me of that friend's mom who would pack you and all the neighborhood kids into the Explorer for Sonic slushes and then stare at you through the rearview mirror while smiling, winking and occasionally blowing kisses. Basically, she's a TV news anchor just about anyone can relate to.

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