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Stoney Larue should play football for OU…

stoney larue

It's been a rough week for country music fans in Oklahoma.

First "Bliranda" announced they filed divorced, and now Stoney LaRue has been arrested on a domestic violence complaint. At this rate, I fully expect Toby Keith to announced he's transgender and changing his name to Wynonna.

Actually, there's nothing wrong with the last one. It would be awesome. We'd totally support Ms. Keith.

Anyway, here's the red dirt on the Stoney LaRue thing via I guess you can say he had an Oklahoma breakdown...

The successful local country musician known as Stoney LaRue was arrested in the early morning hours of Monday on a domestic violence complaint, according to a police report.

Stoney LaRue Phillips, 38, of Oklahoma City, who goes by the name Stoney LaRue as a country music performer, was taken into custody around 7:30 a.m. Monday after his live-in girlfriend called police, alleging Phillips pushed her down the stairs after an argument.

According to the report, Phillips and a friend, Richa Chandra, 43, of Nashville, Tenn., came home to the couple's apartment on N. Robinson around 4 a.m. after a night of drinking. Phillips' girlfriend, Amanda Winsworth, told police Phillips and Chandra were making so much noise it woke her up, and she went to her car to continue sleeping.

Let me get this straight. He brings another girl home from a bar and his way-too-hot-for-him girlfriend simply goes outside to sleep in her car because they're making too much noise? Holy shit, she's like the girlfriend of the year! Did she also warm up a couple of Hot Pockets in the microwave for them? How could you hurt anyone that awesome? What a piece of southeastern Oklahoma horse shit!

At 6:50 a.m., Winsworth woke up and went back inside to get ready for work. She told officers that the sound of her hair dryer woke Phillips up, and he started an argument with her over the noise. Phillips then threw Winsworth's makeup bag, toiletries, and curling iron down the stairs, according to the report, and when she bent down to pick some of the things up Phillips "pushed her from behind causing her to roll head over heels down the staircase."

First of all, I've never understood why the iPhone doesn't have a hair dryer sound for an alarm. Men can sleep through earthquakes, thunderstorms, crying babies, barking dogs and Jack and Ron, but once we hear a hair dryer we're suddenly on full alert. Maybe it has something to do with the static electricity?

Anyway, according to Stoney LaRue, his hot girlfriend and probably even the random girl who came home with him at 4:00am, this is all a big misunderstanding...

“The happenings of this incident have been blown out of proportion by the media. I was never struck by my boyfriend @stoneylarue … Please respect our privacy while we fix this matter,” Winsworth wrote in tweets, which were both retweeted from LaRue’s verified account.

Winsworth filed an emergency protective order against Phillips on Monday, according to court documents, and he was served Tuesday.

Yeah, something isn't adding up here. You go from claiming he pushed you downstairs and filing a protective order to saying everything's been blown out of proportion? Friendly reminder, recanting testimony is pretty common in domestic violence issues. Just sayin...

Here was Stoney's statement:

The singer-songwriter apologized in a statement released Tuesday afternoon through his Nashville-based publicist.

"I want to apologize to my family, my friends and my fans for the recent circumstances that have come to light. I am going to take some time to work on myself. I will be entering an intensive and extensive program, and I appreciate your thoughts and good wishes for me during this trying time. Please check my website and Facebook page for updates on my upcoming tour dates, but most importantly, I appreciate your support during this time," he said in the statement.

Ahh, the good old apologize and go to rehab route. He may be an asshole, but at least he's doing that right. Maybe when he gets out of rehab, Bob Stoops and David Boren will let him catch some OU football games from the sidelines?

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